For over 10 years we have been giving hope to the hopeless and restoring dignity to young people and children across South Africa through our none profit organization (Bunang Baswa)which is headed by the directors of Events Amani.


In the past children and young people across African villagers and townships survived decades of marginalization, disappointment and unprivileged life. Young energetic and motivated people saw a need for change in their communities and villagers. It was when Bunang Baswa was formed in 2005 by South African young people. These were young people who were already being involved with community projects in their respective townships and villages. Thus far the organization has managed to reach over 5000 children and young people across the country. With branches in Pakistan, Nigeria and also partners in Uganda, England and America. From humble beginning to where the movement is now, is really a giant step.


With 10 years of working with both rural and township youth, we have come to a conclusion that young people need to be inspired, be capacitated and informed to lead their society.
•Increase pass rate and encourage excellent results in all grades especially grade 11 and 12.
•Facilitate and run activities to help schools work as a team to achieve great results.
•Organize Career guidance (self-assessment) and expose grade 11 &12 to different career fields (particularly those in rural schools).
•Establish science/computer lab to rural schools
•Train, equip and empower teachers, parents and SGB
•Encourage and train pupils to have self-discipline thus fostering good moral behavior.
•Equip and empower school pupils and youth to be over achievers both in schools and communities.


– Workshops & Inspirational talks
– I Lead career indaba (career expo)
– Grade 11 annual tour
– Matric dance & School awards for a rural school(we donate dresses, suits, we cook for the whole school and villagers, we pitch a tent and almost everything). 
– Keep a girl child in school  ‘collect a pad campaign’
Leadership programs to inmates/prisoners

2015/2016 IMPACT

Increased grade 12 results by 10.6%  at the rural school ‘Mphela Secondary in Limpopo’.
We donated over 100 boxes of sanitary pads to 4 schools.
Hosted matric dance and school awards.
Donated girls underwear to grade 6-7 pupils at Legora Primary in Mamelodi skwata camp.
20 grade 11 pupils from 10 schools directly impacted through 3 days annual I Lead Tour.   


Young people who are inspired, informed and educated to lead their society.